Nelson Residents Association


Annual General Meeting

MINUTES for the 2016 AGM held at

Rooms at Farmers/City Mall 7:00pm May 17, 2016

Mike welcomed 26 people

Present: Mike Rodwell, Pam Frahm, Stuart Walker, Christopher St. Johanser, Cynthia McConville, Peter Riley, Dot Crafar, Kirsty Skinner, Trudy Brand & Steve, Sue Gardner, Shannon Pennefather, Kevin Gardener, John Walker, Tony & Narie Small, Kerry Neal, John Wares, Sue Sara, Jim Cable, Gaire Thompson, Mel Courtney, Steve Cross, Margaret Millar, Tim Skinner, Karen Dean, Harry Pearsom (wood burner).

Apology: Michael Kidson, Fred Frahm, Michael Lincoln, Graeme O’Brian, Ross Wylie, Malcolm Saunders.

Accept: Moved Stuart Walker, Second Sue Sara. Carried


Minutes of the last AGM – May 19, 2015.

Corrections to the minutes: Kerry - Treasurer received $500 from the dissolving the Nelson North Residents Assoc.

Correct record: Moved Kevin Gardener, Second John Walker. Carried.


Matters arising: Nil

President’s Report: Mike read his report

Accept report: Moved Kevin Gardener, Second Kerry Neal. Carried

Treasurers Report: Sue Gardener tables her audit to the treasurer’s report.

Move to accept: Christopher, second Cynthia.   Carried

Motion to defer election of officers until November.

Moved: Kevin Gardener, Second Cynthia McConville. Carried


Christopher: thanks to Pam and Mike for carrying on until the end of the year.

Christopher: do we have to move there be a separate position for Treasurer? No, it’s in the constitution.

Christopher: Is there anyone willing to be an Interim Treasurer now? Cynthia offers. Accepted




Brunch: Kevin gave a report, the profit from the three brunches was about $1300. It will be used on room electricity and telephone.

Next brunch is June 12 with Peter Olorenshaw speaking on “No Southern Link”.

Stoke: In Stuart Walker’s submission on Stoke he asked council, “where do we go to challenge council actions?” Waiting for response – expect they didn’t hear that he asked for a written answer.

Pam will write a letter to Clare to ask for the answer to Stuart’s question.

Gaire Thompson– why does the modeller’s club have to pay for the pond when the Rugby Club gets the rooms free?

Tim Skinner – Stoke Memorial Hall building will remain.

Subs are due: $15 single, 25 family

Move to keep subs the same: Jim, second Kerry, Carried.

Rooms: Mike Rodwell (manager)

We require more people to cover the desk. Trudy will do Wednesday morning. Karen Dean will do Thursday. Only Wednesday afternoon left. Mike Rodwell will be in the office Saturday morning to help support the Kiosk team.


Kiosk: John Walker reports – we get all walks of life, people stop and talk about problems. Town Cryer was great newsletter and well received.


Town Crier: first issue paid for by Steve Cross. Thank you Steve.

Graeme O’Brian was dressed up with a bell and good costume handing out newspapers. Giving us a good public profile.   Steve Cross: don’t forget the Facebook page and website are also good.

Election strategy Committee: Kevin

  • Nominations for Council are official on 17 August, campaigning can begin after that.
  • Our Agreement has been finalized and we have 2 signed up already and paid
  • Quiet at the moment but will get very busy from now on
  • Sue Gardener can do typing for candidates on Friday. She formatted the Town Crier
  • Phone is still on the blink.
  • Committed to doing what the engineers proposed.
  • All we were able to achieve was to stop them from tearing it down.
  • Councillors cannot criticize staff.
  • June 16 Kerry will be speaking to Council. (an appointee – John Murray - denigrated Kerry – calling him “vexatious and libellous” - and he will be asking for an apology and address the Code of Conduct)
  • Book on Brook Valley was launch with 120 people. Excellent and sold many.
  • It’s been an unpleasant time, Consent to drop the poison was granted, Council gave more money to the Gondola and Mountain Bike Club.
  • Poison Drop - The Brook Community Group is pondering - should we mount an appeal? We are still working on that decision from “an effected party”. We are dismayed with the outcome.
  • We still have to the block of land that need to be re-classified. They want “local-purposes/recreation”. This will allow them to do what they want (gondola, NMIT, etc). Right now it is just “recreation”. They are doing this after the Management Plan has been approved and there will be no more consultation.
  • Nelson residents need a choice in how to heat their homes. Need to have people call in when burners are smoking so we can teach people how to burn without smoke.
  • No more burners in Tahuna and Victory.
  • Would like a lawyer to help us write a submission. Community Law is too tied up, but will send a list of possible pro-bono lawyers. We can pick one with the right expertise.

Trafalgar Centre – Stuart

Tim Skinner: The appointees are not only paid, they have voting rights. It upsets the balance, I would not support it in the future. We can get expertise from staff.

Continued with a discussion about the Code of Conduct and the Local Government Act.

Mel Courtney: it’s an insult on the staff that they aren’t being asked for their expertise.

Tim: we can draw on the public’s knowledge, or adjourn meeting and get a report.

Kerry Neal: Unfortunately, the Act allows the appointees to vote.

Tim: appointees are not at the full council meetings.

Mel: But, at the full Council the Youth Council can sit around the table. They should sit with the staff, not the councillors.

Trudy Brand: been reading the Code of Conduct. Looking for information on the non-elected members who sit on these committees. They are not held accountable for their conduct.

Brook Valley – Christopher.

Modeller’s Pond – John Walker

Should be a council responsibility. It’s council land.   Only given the club 6 months to raise 600k or they will fill it in for 600k.

Gaire Thompson: Why do they have to pay when Rugby club doesn’t have to pay?

Tim: They don’t want Rugby money because they want to control the use of the building.

Steve Foster: great open day at the pond with 100s of Nelson people.

Kevin Gardener: and it’s free, the Gondola isn’t

Trudy: drift wood blocking the weir should be cleaned up

Pam: NRA has written a letter of support so the Modellers Club can apply for grants.

Greypower meeting on Stoke Community -Stuart

Stuart’s submission was read by Mike Rodwell. George Truman gave a talk. 4 councillors attended (Paul Matheson, Erik Davey, Gail Noonan, Pete Rainey) plus Rachel’s mother. There was a show of hands, no one wanted the one building proposal. 50 people attended - Tennis Club, Stoke Seniors, young and old.

Wood burners – Harry Pearsom

Councillor Tim Skinner answered some questions from the members.

Anniversary of Ken’s death - Unanimous to put something in paper.

The meeting closed and we adjourned for refreshments and a chat.




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