Nelson Residents Association


2012 Noise Amplification Consultation

Submitted on 14 May 2012

Nelson City Council



Consultation on Limited Notified Consents for amplified sound levels at public events


Members of this association are concerned at Councils proposal to grant resource consents [RM 115245 & RM 124012] permitting use of amplifiers for open air events in Nelson parks and reserves.

ñ  RM 115245     We understand that limits of noise levels are monitored by council but wonder what controls will be in place to ensure that amplification will be kept within reasonable limits and meeting World Health Organisation standards for residential areas.

ñ  RM 124012     This application is reported to be for 88 events in various location throughout Nelson seeking permission to operate sound amplification in excess of the WHO guidelines. For practically all Nelson residential areas, such permission is likely to create excessive sound nuisance for all but the aurally-impaired residents (One in seven of the national population?). Tahunanui residents already suffer a diminished environment during every summer weekend from events on the Tahuna Green playing-field.   Similar discomfort is experienced by Nelson South residents from gala-type functions at Victory Square, while citizens living in the Wood (many elderly in rest homes) have the peace of their autumn years shattered by loudspeakers blaring at full bore from the Botanics or Trafalgar Park. Unfortunately most of the “music” emitted at these public functions tends to have minimal melodic quality, often extremely repetitive with plenty of bass thumping away in a very monotonous fashion. Some folk are obliged to leave their homes for the day on these occasions!

ñ  We cannot imagine most councillors or council employees accepting this sort of noise disturbance in their neighbourhood.

 Ken Meredith

 Secretary, Nelson Residents' Association Incorporated




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