Nelson Residents Association


2012 NCC Long Term Plan Comments

Comments taken down while attending NCC Long Term Plan Open Public Hearings June 14, 15, 18, 19, 2012


Comment from the author: Please forgive any mis-quotes, I am not a professional secretary.  The notes were for myself but I later thought they might be helpful to others.  Any descrepancies are mine and do not reflect the opinion of the Residents Association.  For accurate information from each submitter please consult their actual submission - available at the Nelson City Council and all Libraries.


Richard Kempthorne – Richmond Mayor

We will relook at how we work together. More constructive outcome with the South Island Strategic Alliance. Funding for Regional items. Lee Valley is the most important to TDC. 50% paid by the water users. The land use is changing, 6 dairy farms is down to 2; pip fruit and wine are struggling.

Tourism funding from on going targeted rates by tourism operators. Money is hard to get from tour operators, some hide. $314K for info centres. Our submissions show people don’t want to pay so, “Don’t Use it”

Please keep supportive wording for the Lee Valley Dam in your 10 year plan, with funding in year 4. Add money to ours so government knows we’re both interested.

Saxton needs further discussion, relocate power lines. Strategically look together and maybe have smaller groups for specific projects.

Top of list is funding transportation (Marlb + Nel + Tasman + Transport)

No more for Theatre Royal but School of Music gets $40K. Suter is linked to inflation index.

Earthquake strengthening is critical but no funding is earmarked. “In Richmond the roads and rivers are big, not the Arts”




Andrew Bishop - !! debt !! NCC Account, but speaking for Church

The residents are poor, only 10% of residents get a rate rebate, most are widows living from hand to mouth – they have no debt, but no investments, only their house. Financially vulnerable, have big mortgages and income has dropped. Significant part of the population are in this category. They are very stressed, they cry when they get $500!! They are financially naive so they don’t complain, they just suffer. When the coffee runs out, it’s gone until next payday.

You have “aspirational assets” – wish list. Every dollar is paid by rate payers. YOU are living beyond THEIR means. Only 4 people have done the rent holiday postponement. (Reverse mortgage) People see it as unpalatable.

Q – How much staff is non core? Can’t comment. But the situation is going to get worse, more retired. “WE ARE OUT OF STEP WITH OTHER COUNCILS”

You want to spend 6M on School of Music, drop it, it is not ours, get rid of Velodrome save 2 million. Have to keep the Suter. Theatre Royal is small change now. Forget FIFA Rugby.

Chris Fitchett – former NCC Accountant - debt

The capital projects should not be as much, stick to running expenses. Borrowing is a disaster, irresponsible to pass it on to other councils in the future. Interest rates are low, but don’t be fooled, the debt could become 25% of the rate bill! It is frightening and irresponsible. You are trying to hide discussion, and hedging – you have no intention of repaying loans. You are borrowing ½ million to repay ½ million!!

Do you think if you say it often enough people will believe it? You keep saying this is the “lowest rate”, it is NOT the lowest. The page of activities is growing.

People are coming to Nelson, there will be a huge increase in the next 10 years. But you are NOT recovering what you spend. The “smoothing loan” hides expenditure. Not repaying any debt for 10 years is irresponsible.

Paul Lunberg - debt

Population should be the target – Framing for the Future.

City debt is $2,000 per person. You don’t have the right to increase. My personal funds were wiped out with Lombard. Pay for what you do – with what you have! You have been supporting Theatre Royal, Music, Suter long enough. Sports needs teams and facilities, Art we can get ourselves. Mt. Robert was built all from member sponsorshi

Q Rainey: NCC pays 90% of sports facilities, 10% of our rates FOREVER!

Roger Gibbons – Expenses

Stuff needs to benefit ALL ratepayers. We spend more than we earn. There are only 19,000 ratepayers, Who will pay this back? Spend on something, but add 10% for maintenance. Under Paul Matheson there was 16M debt, now it is 190M!!! Like a company, the council needs to run efficiently. You can’t keep borrowing. It is reckless. You can blame it on Keith Marshall, he was quoted in the paper “If I don’t have it, I’ll just borrow” He kept everything to himself and didn’t consult.

The bus is not working. It is paying for Richmond people to come to work.

Building the Pavilion – my company was 115K LESS than the winner. Why? Nelmac gets contract with the Marina and has no marina experience, and were MORE expensive than anyone else. I was told by staff “we had the money in the budget so we spent it”!!

Suter – get rid of the theatre if you want room for ART. Cycle – give it some asphalt. Brook – Dump it. Sculpture – 200K WASTE OF MONEY FOR 5 ½ TONS OF SCRAP METAL – FROM SPAIN!!! Why not use a local artist – Why steel? When Nelson has timber and clay.

(At this point the mayor tried to stop him and the gallery yelled “Let him talk”)

Tourism – we don’t need to subsidise. Not enough consultation. Parking fees are up – you are robbing to pay for the bus – it is a free ticket for Richmond people. This is your third trip to China! Projects – you don’t have any economic basis for all the nice to haves.

Southern link – you scared the residents of Victory when Peter Korteghast called it a major highway and gave them only 1 month notice. People were upset. It could have just been a third road into town.

If I had 2.4M I would fix Haulashore Island – it’s our gateway. Council will fold to arts groups and sports – we will be a mini Greece. Don’t cut – just stop spending. All contractors in Nelson are good (Nelmac, Ching, Gibbons) why would you choose the most expensive!??

Beryl Paine – Council of Woman – debt

Our members are worried about NCC’s level of debt. Rise of rates on an older population. There are more people from Christchurch.

Why the delay on the Maitai Walkway. We support the Arts, but hold off.

Q Do you have a lot of women living alone? No, but living on Super is very difficult, they are struggling.

Lee Freedom_- rates

Only pay for essential infrastructure

Mike Riddell – affordable rates.

I’m opposed to the Heart of the City. Planting in town is a traffic hazard. 2.4M on City to Sea with no use in mind. People are sick of rate rises. Go back and stick to the core. Leave everything for 609 years and get debt under control. We don’t believe you when you say “things are going well” You look dysfunctional!!

Dan McGuire – Rates

Economic un-sustainability. Half the population has less than 26,000 a year. My rates have gone up 300% in 17 years. It’s undermining the local economy, it makes no common sense.

Sponsorship events: They have no financial gain and should be funded by the private sector. Get rid of your event staff. There is too much “giving” to pet projects of councillors.

Earthquake proof the School of Music. The cost of the Brook Sanctuary fence is hidden in your accounts and not in the Plan. Writing off loans can not happen without due diligence. NCC cannot live within it’s means. It’s making bad decisions with no responsibility. We will need Central Government to bail us out. Too much attention to your own vested interests.

Q Matheson: Why do you think Central knows anything about running a local government?

Q Boswick: I am insulted by your comments about “vested interests”

Gaile Noonan – rates

We just have to go without nice things.

Ross Wylie – mixed

If not one of these organizations have got the money to pay us back we will be in more debt. No one in the buses.

Selwyn Steedman – Debt Models, solar (Chairman of Solar Association)

There needs to be a sustainable model. 96% of the residents are against debt. There is 174M debt without adding interest. Soft loans and smoothing loans are nothing but creative accounting.

Strategic assets – their profit or loss is irrelevant. Move them into Trusts; Airport, Port, water treatment plant.


Solar: be involved in information only, don’t recommend companies. Technology is 30 years old, it’s not revolutionary, you don’t need to be there, and you don’t need to test it. There is no need for money for a study. It’s priced as good as it gets. You just find a roof, measure, and you get the price, and calculate your savings, it’s easy.

The Solar Assoc is lobbying Central government. Dissimilate information from 1 point. Don’t bother thinking of “being a leader” – this technology is more main stream; it only needs technical information out there and presentations.

Rebate? It’s just another process and people don’t like to deal with the Council OR raising their rates. When it comes to Solar, if you can’t afford it... you can’t afford it. It’s just too expensive, it’s an investment. It needs to get on houses with less effort or government intervention.

Thermal offers better pay back than Solar. There are 100 installed a year, uptake on rates offer is low.

Paul Blackham – Rates

It’s a recurring theme: stop spending, stop debt, lower interest. You seem to be “righting” the old lack of spending on the Arts by buying everything. You decide what you want and then bend the facts to make it fit. You never mention loan repayments and the smoothing loan is such a bad idea.

The Theatre Royal process smells... stealth... there was no intention of it working, it’s an abuse of the process!! At the end of 30 years of falling interest rates the incremental benefit gets less and less. You won’t be able to service the debt burden.

You flip flopped on the dog rules. Having done “some” research, all of a sudden you get more info and change your mind. Consult and get it right in the beginning.

Theatre Royal – Kerry Marshall was Mayor. Facts weren’t true, it smells a bit. The WAY the deal was done was bad, it’s not that it wasn’t a good idea... the process was abusive. The School of Music is better than the Suter.

You didn’t sell the idea, you took it in the back door.

You are in a debt hole and don’t know it, we are locked in debt for 20 years at a low interest rate, but this will blow up in your face.

The Bus – Peak Oil is here, the bus is just waiting for a time for a behavioural change. The system needs to be in place. The people will need an alternative.

Simon Jones – Rate payer

Growth, but set up a plan; there has been no examination of cost benefit; your charge out-rate for staff is $135/hr but the rate payers pay $200, it’s insulting; you are out of touch; traffic on Brougham St. – people taking new route into town, getting dangerous; Alfred St. Needs repairs – no update in 20 years

Gaire Thompson – Rates

There should be more give and take with Tasman, especially on roads. Percentage compound effect is enormous. You’ve had a 33% rise in staff numbers. Get the GST back. Make your next Long Term Plan simple to read, with no repetition and no glossy photos

The old council only had 28M debt. The sewage pond is WORSE after spending 9M. The car park was fine without beautification – it’s a car park! Trafalgar Centre 10M + 2M is not a necessity. Rutherford Park: Why a garden? Get real. The walkways are OK

Maitai Club: - Sports Club could use better. You haven’t done enough research and consultation and feedback. Executive Development Agency? What do they do? There is no incentive to make it profitable.

There isn’t even a Nelson sign north of Christchurch – it just says West Coast.   Get space in Invercargill to have a Nelson promotion. Computers at libraries compete with the Internet Cafes, one gone out of business – and the library isn’t open at night.

The bus going along one thin line doesn’t suit mothers and the elderly. 43.1% rise in rates, but Briscoes only 2%, not fair at all, you are catering to the big chain stores. 5 Lawyers in one building should each being paying business rates, not just the landlord. Storm water charge.

John Fitchett – Differential Rate

It seems too hard and just keeps getting fobbed off. Commercial people are paying to subsidise the car parking. You are robbing Peter to pay Paul with the parking money going to the bus.

Consultation is not open enough. Moller Fountain: I asked for information but they would not give any info on its budget. Residents need to know a number, even if it turns out to be +/- 10-20%. Make public the legal advice you get.

“Depreciation” is just a word to help accountants massage numbers.

School of Music, Theatre Royal – don’t take them because no one will actually “own” it, so no one cares. Just subsidise them with 6 figures.

Q Barker: the Council spends $1/2M on publicity, ½ of which is Live Nelson.

Andrew Dunlop – motel annual general Charge - rates

The charge is $7 a day for householders but only 44c a unit for motels. Commercial rates are NOT motels. Some motels have rented out units permanently, like Franklin Village with 85 units. They are residents not tourists. These people pay only 7% of residential property rates.

Q – if his rates were raised to $145K would he have a viable business?   “Who cares, I have to pay it!”

Errol Millar – Grey Power - rates

The Brook $1M – where is it? Most of the LTP plan is stupid, you will have to be bold. Roger Gibbons tried to help you. You are direct opposite from the government Plan. We have empty shops, they are serving breakfast to hungry kids in schools, times are tough.

Suter storage – such an old promise, bring it forward. You have too much in Year 1 – it’s causing strain on the whole Plan. 13% rate rise is the highest in New Zealand. Too many feel good things. Forget one-off things. Show responsibility by cutting plan.

Do water, storm drains, because they are under threat. Non urgent things are Social items. Balance it right, the priority is wrong. They all have merit, but they can’t be done!!

(an outburst from Rainey over the pronunciation of Mayor Miccio’s name calling Errol “disrespectful”)

Council shouldn’t be involved in private enterprise. Earthquake proofing buildings is welfare to the people. Given what has happened in Christchurch you have to do it early. Health and Welfare are paramount.

Michael Young –  rates

Lives in Port Hills for 35 years, will have 85% rate rise – rates will be $200 a week – MORE LIKE RENT! Annual is $10,000 more than the property cost. People buy a house to be rent free. Unsustainable, forget the high amount for waterfront property, everyone gets the same services.

Bill Leonard – mixed - Rates

Trafalgar Centre – withdraw support, it isn’t a necessity. Debt – making future generations pay is not ethical. Health of Environment: reduction of suffering, necessities of life, enforce the by-laws we have.

Bidding for council projects should be public – NO commercial sensitivity, you are spending public money. People don’t want to give you money... so you CAN’T spend it!! Decrease ALL debt. It’s a small city, I didn’t come here to be entertained.

Alan Stewart – spending and debt

Cancel spending and debt. Balance your books. In town there is low spending and bankruptcy is up.

Fix the sewage ponds.     City to the Sea is a waste of money

Solar Saver only lasted for 3 years. Drop the photovoltaic scheme.

Selwyn Steedman (ex-councillor from Invercargill) Debt & projects

Trafalgar park is OK but put Arts on hold. Most people are struggling

Anne Todd – Private - debt

You need to have a board to run Theatre Royal and Suter and School of Music. Get a rate payer card to get in free – make Tasman people pay because they don’t pay for our facilities. If we own all 3 we can control all 3. People in Tasman can buy a card and get in free.

Q – Would Tasman then make us pay to go to Rabbit Island?




Jackie McNae – Marsden Valley (Solitaire Investments)

Marsen Valley Rd. Don’t remove it from the LTP – 10 years is too long to wait. We pay a roading contribution. We’ve had no consultation. There is room for 900 sections up there. It will be Nelson’s largest development.

Pave the road and put in the foot path.

Roundabout at Marsden and the Ridgeway had 28 submitters. It should be on the LTP so there are no surprises for anyone. Storm water works were projected in 1995 and has never been done. We appealed the foot path because it wasn’t the wider shared-use design.

The market is slower but we’re selling 20 a year. On our submission the staff comments were not true, it needs a case-by-case assessment.

Colin Bass – Entrepreneur Exchange – business

TDC has commissioned reports, this is a good commitment.   People say “stay out of business” we are here to help.

Dot Kettle – Chamber of Commerce – Business

525 members. Support the Southern Link it is vital to the City Centre. Rutherford Holdings is NOT a member

Q – What’s happening to the conference Centre? No idea

Cathy Madigan – Uniquely Nelson – events in the CBD

We are using the radio and money for on-line marketing. We need 20K for technical assistance. We want a tracking report so we know what’s working: e-letters, website, facebook, twitter, plus marketing on mobile phones. All areas are highly targeted and cost effective.

We are showing small businesses how to do on-line selling. The “stakeholders” in Uniquely Nelson are retailers who support with prizes and promotions or buy space on the website. They will not pay until there is a direct benefit.

Q Barker: Richmond Mall has doubled sales in a year! Parking charges has had an impact – Nelson will probably make parking free for winter again. Nelson was the top city for EFPOS sales.

Reese: for 45K we want to see a financial breakdown.

Hugh Briggs – Business plan

You don’t REALLY have a long overall plan for Rutherford Pk, Parking, Arts. Business/Economics needs encouragement NOT intervention. Your core function IS encouraging economic development.

Get the Wakatu parking building built. The Heart of Nelson didn’t really work, Framing Our Future will make changes faster.

Barry Kingston – resident of Stoke - development

What happened to the roundabout you promised at the Ridgeway and Marsden Rd.?

Peter Olorenshaw – NelSust, Climate, Sea level rise

Why spend money on projects in low lying areas when they will all be flooded. You need a sea-level rise strategy. You need to think beyond 10 years. Give a rebate for rainwater tanks. People need encouragement.

The Nbus may not pay for itself – just like the hanging baskets. You want people to come here to live, not come here to die.

Informal sports are overtaking team sports – with lots of people just sitting in the stands doing nothing. Paths are for lots of people, the Velodrome is not for many.

George Truman – Weir on Maitai

Make more use of the lower Maitai river. A weir wouldn’t modify the river much and would hide the green slime on the rocks. There is a tide rise of 14 feet.

Andrew Scott – Cattle pooing in river

Cattle are not fenced and there is poo in the Brook stream up the Maitai. Dun Mountain cycle-way has poo. You can give water to cows without letting them drinking from the creek.

Kathryn Marshall – Property

We want a structural plan for roading around Walters Bluff. There is actually a house lot in the middle of the road. Need a minimum of 10 rights of way. Most people worry about access on driveway and won’t open land up behind them.

Charlie Grant –Tasman Heights developer – Observatory Hill

Princes Drive needs another reservoir so we can build more houses; sort out flood and waste water

Barry Jackson – Tussock Place, Marsden Valley

Want the Ridgeway roundabout – it’s a 5 point junction and too much traffic from town. Up Marsden is the water plant, cemetery, school, quarry. Quarry trucks go at 75KPH. Emissions, speed, noise. Trucks were imported from Japan where they wouldn’t pass their emissions requirements. Trucks go from 7am-10pm, 6 days a week and were just issued (Feb 2011) another long term permission to use the road until 2042!!

Brendan Sentorini – Victory Sq resident

Wants an over-bridge for kids to walk from Dairy to park. Doesn’t like the idea of the Southern Link.

Max Withell for Tom Broad – Atawhai Safety Group

Want to reduce and remove the passing lane. People go 120 to overtake and then don’t slow down. Police are now on board and want the speed down. Transport would rather change the intersection and see what happens.

Ken Beckett – resident

You paid 100K for consultation on Montgomery carpark and it failed in the courts. School of Music / Theatre Royal expenditure is only accounting jargon. The land and building are being Gifted to Council – it is NOT an expenditure. What discussions are going on with the Cathedral. Smoothing loan of 2.2M is nonsense.

Michael Lincolne – Getting Connected /roading

If Nelson had an international airport it would get an international Hotel. From Wakatu Drive there should be an extension going straight to the airport – it would eliminate 4 roundabouts.

A road through Westhaven Inlet all the way to Invercargill, it would not impact on the Heaphey Track.

Wendy Logan – Auckland Point School

Needs cross walks to get to Anzac Park




Gavin O’Donnell – Federated Farmers

Get on with the Lee Valley dam and Glen Rd flooding

Murray King – Waimea Water Augmentation (from Fish and Game)

Need water storage and funding from other parties. Central government will also come on board if BOTH councils pay. Growers get 60-80K per hectare, so need reliable water. We’ve had 8-9 years of water rationing. Water storage can eliminate low river levels. We are in for wetter winters and dryer summers.

Mayor – water will change the commercial imperative.

Tony Wilkinson – South Pine - farming

No revision for water leaks for commercial and farming industry.




Angela Cornelissen – resident (cried!! She was so upset) - stormwater

Surface water at Victory Square. Not on Lim Report, Loop hole in RMA and no one is helping. No storm water drains, not in inundation overlay.

Bert Freestone – resident

Drainage problems in Port Hills

Mark McCulloch – resident

Roading in the Glen and storm water

Andrew Dunlop – wastewater sewage Wellington St

I’ve been calling NCC since 2008 about untreated wastewater affecting 5 houses. Stormwater shouldn’t go into sewage. It may be a 1 in 15 year flood but we’ve had 3 in the last year. Lim report said nothing.

Cherie Johansson – resident Fountain Cres.

Has a red stickered house and storm water problems on Haven Rd. Need all the neighbours to join together to control storm water from flowing onto other yards and NCC needs a cost effective, innovated answer to storm water control... needs a law for “responsible neighbours” because some won’t do it themselves. We shouldn’t have to negotiate with a neighbour, they should have responsibility or a law we can use to enforce good behaviour.

We have more flooding since the road works came to repair storm water.

Graeme Prestidge

2018 storm-water upgrade needs to be brought forward. Slip at Grampians, slips increased after the trees came down. Stick to essentials – not the “nice to haves”.

Phillipa Stark. (neighbour of guy above)

Storm-waters drains. Open drain dangerous for children.

Bob Gordon – Tahuna

Drainage bad, all properties should have to have storm-water hooked up in 5 years – if you can do it with fireplaces you can do it with storm-water.

Since December council communications needed to help affected people. NCC took NO responsibility. I spoke to 15 different people at council – no one knows, only one person came to my house... but NCC told ME I had to have it fixed in one year!

There is something wrong when EQC money can be spent in any way you want, not necessarily to replace – you could take a holiday.




Brad Cadwallader – Notable trees (smart guy) – Suter/Garden

Need an updated tree register. Management of heritage trees. Opposed to Suter expansion, buttress has grown but canopy can be managed. 2 oaks are in excellent condition. EVERY tree contractor in Nelson has REFUSED to cut down the Suter trees. Council had to go to Chch to get a cutter.   Isle trees came down because Stoke is gravel and the trees have shallow roots.

If the Suter is upgraded the actual heritage building will be buried by the new development.

Anne Rush – Culture, Arts Council

The council is to be congratulated – Be bold and do it!

Don’t relocate the Suter. Arts are for Social Wellbeing, you have no policy development. It’s all about balancing the arts and sports. The city would be dull if all “non-essential” items were wiped.

Frankie Morgan – Fine Arts Society – Suter

We have 180 members, the Suter is full and needs coordination with Theatre Royal and School of Music so dates of exhibits and events can be procured.

Ian MacLennan - Suter Art Society

The new plans are exciting and will add to visitors experience. The trees are OK but should come down, they are in the wrong place.

Hilary Langer – Suter

Don’t delay, remove trees and give the wood to the woodworks guild.

Belinda Davies – Debt & Suter

We have slips and earthquake strengthening and are in too much debt. Do nothing new. Suter needs vs the nice to have stuff. There is no room for the trees, but it is NOT Suter land, it’s the people’s land.

Anna-Marie White – Suter Curator

New Plymouth Art Gallery cost 18M (which includes a library). We are not meeting Museum Standards.

Philip Coote – Suter Art Society

Trees need to come out in back, stay in front

Lois Morgan – Suter volunteer for 20 years

Works are hidden from view because of lack of space. Lift the awareness in sports AND Arts. “put things right and just get on with it”

Donna Hiser – Suter Trustee

The collection has been gifted and not publically funded.

Craig Potton – Suter

They need operational funding. Can’t meet increasing cost. NCC to pay 400K plus annual grant. Overheads have increased (insurance by 100%) Want 40K more just to pay insurance. Earthquake strengthening. Putting the bulding someplace else is not a good idea. It has history and a brand. Easy access. Going to Rutherford park would be DOOM. Albion Square is a red herring.

Need 6.9M from NCC with 4M from Suter. 1-3M from Central Govt. We can’t apply until NCC signs off on the LTP. Trees are a safety concern. 1 tree = the theatre, have to choose.

Charmain Koed – Suter

Trees AND buildings are important. Use Albion Square. Include iwi in talks. Need a Moari Arts and Crafts museum. Don’t leave the trees to Suter, NCC needs to think about it also. Pay for upgrade because it was 10 years ago they did anything major.

Glenys MacLellan – Suter and trees

Storm water is a problem. Acorns in Buxton Car park. There is only 1 power line into Nelson you should think of an alternative. Bus needs to keep to a time table – the traffic won’t let the buses out – there is a bill in government to give them right of way.

Suter Oak trees and beech trees are so bad we have to move our cars when there is a big wind. They are too close to the building and too big. 3 years ago branches broke the sky light.

Jane du Feu – Suter Trust

Development in 2000 fell over so they have lost 10 years. Lack of traction. Can’t get rid of building because it’s Heritage. Oak trees are a red herring, don’t pay any attention, taking away from the building. Trees are ruining the roof with leaves and branches breaking tiles, roots are uplifting the foundation. There is an iwi relationship with the garden.

Albion square is part of treaty settlement. It should have been developed before the court building was built. Car park can be reduced. It’s DoC land but they have no management plan and it would take 5 years to develop. DoC is going through a restructuring – 21 people in Nelson will lose jobs. There are other combinations of complexities with wedges of land belonging to iwi.

Turn building? Front door used to be in Queens garden

Amalgamation of 3 buildings (Suter, Royal & Music) is too simplistic. They have different rolls so hard to manage Art/Education/Drama together.




Peter Robins & Joel Bolton – school of Music

Acoustically superb – wonderful Steinway piano

Craig Duffy – School of Music

Nelson is a City of the Arts. We have 35 teachers. The school is tired, the roof leaks, we need help.

Faith Williamson – School of Music

It attracts overseas artists. An opportunity for business and community to sponsor events.

Peter Robins– Heritage Trust

Council controlled organizations like Heritage trust and Provincial Museum. We need money for inventory. We have $20K images so we need collection storage. $1.2M Loans are due for repayment June 2012 we want to repay $40K in 2014... actually we only want to pay $10K.

Neil Deans – School of Music

We are into the Arts, not into buildings. We have no expertise, it’s better if you maintain the building and we get on with teaching and productions.

Now that it’s your building the Arts Festival SHOULD be using OUR facility!

Janice Marthen – Theatre Royal

It defines and brands the city. Oldest working theatre in the southern hemisphere. 70% is community use, they are charged $840 a day, commercial is charged $1200 a day.

Q – if it’s busy how come it’s not sustainable? We are making an operating profit, only the debt is unsustainable. We’re asking council to take the 1.5M debt away.

Even if the loan is wiped we would still need an ongoing annual funding to off set the community low rate. The Nelson Reperatory doesn’t pay because they gave us the building.

Hugh Neill – Theatre Royal, etc

Arts can’t be self funding, but it is “just like sport”, it is the turn for the Arts!!

Theatre has had 85,000 people in 2 years. Clean water and footpaths isn’t enough (have to feed their souls)

Kerry Marshall – Historic Theatre Royal Trust

(there were 3 Mayors in the room)

City is not remembered by sport, but by Art. Take ownership and give them an annual budget. They have 221 performance days, 270 booked for next year. They can’t put up charges, can’t use more on the weekends. Council makes a loss on sports facilities. The Theatre will NEVER make a profit. “ IT IS A SPORT OF THE MIND”. It needs $150K a year – FOREVER! Our manager is the best you can get!

Joy Breayley – Fairfield House, Esoteric Studies

Good place for family funerals. We can manage the building but could use some help with the grounds.

Virginia Ward-Brown – Fairfield

Tracks in back are no longer safe, the land is owned by the Crown and surrounded by council land and the Grampians reserve. DoC and council could manage the woodland, need 25K. We get no funding because it’s privately owned.

Jo Say – Fairfield House ("WOOFER")

Lives in Fairfield for 6 years. Add name to city signage, it is not on NCC map. A category 1 heritage house – 1 of only 4 in Nelson. Refurbished by volunteers over 30 years. Support us in a strategic way – the tracks and meadow were ruined by the flood. The committee transformed house, we need help with the park. An annual grant for maintenance.

Sarah Holman – Heritage Group

We are not just for saving buildings we like to see them re-used for commercial purposes, like St Johns on Hardy St.. Earthquake assessment is good and money to help School of Music, etc. “Use what you’ve got”

There is a high risk of loss because of the expense to fix and insure.

If buildings have to go, think about replacement – not everything can be saved. Cost to owners is a problem, we have to be realistic. To add something to the list you will put people off and the places will be demolished.

Ren Kempthorne – Heritage

I’ve been here since 1983. Save what we have and make the most of what exists. Suter – keep and do upgrade. School of Music & Theatre Royal need high quality acts to come – if Art survives, the building will survive. Save and protect the cathedral and the 4 wooden churches. There’s a place on Haven road for sale, it could be used to store the Suter stuff.

Penny Griffith – from Tasman – Provincial Museum

Need storage for the Provincial Museum.

Q Reese: Should Tasman people pay to get into the Museum? Do you charge people from Wellington?




Marie Cimeniello – Kinzett Terrace Gym

Called Results. Keep the area Recreational zoning, don’t make it commercial.

Brad Josse – Results Gym

We don’t need a new gym facility at Saxton, we already have a world class gym for teams and physio, Osteo and Accupuncture. You don’t “practice” a sport these days, you go to a gym and do cross training.

Ed Shuttleworth – Cricket

Need an indoor cricket area + media area for international use. We want the land gifted, we will fix and gift back. Debt went from 50K to 1.5M in 1 year.

Helen Black – Safety of walkers

Some tracks are too narrow to share. Parks need more consultation with all users included. Dogs/owners need education and bags. It should be self funded through licenses. Debt and budget are frightening. The more we own, the more we have to maintain. Nelson is a wonderful place to visit, but unaffordable to live.

Bicycle Nelson

There are no standards, only guidelines. Foot paths have laws. It all needs to be consistent.

Competitive Cycling

Need Velodrome to teach children and hold senior events.

Barry Rowe– Soccer

There will be on going maintenance with Nelmac and NCC and we have a good relationship. Have to have safe ground, can’t be uneven.

Doug Nottage – croquet club at ParaPara Rd

Our croquet facility is the best in NZ. We can’t believe you want to cut a pathway through the middle in the Trafalgar plan - no one asked us. It would be a distraction to players and we would never get a world class tournament. It would be hard to maintain the grass. Go around it.

Hamish and Logan Clarke – BMX club

Upgrade the track

Murray Cameron – Cycling New Zealand Group

We’re a cycling umbrella group. We work on schools to get kids on the track to learn safety. I challenge Mike Ward to a race! People over 65 want to be off road.

It’s not just a banked track. The track has a flat part in the middle for teaching kids. They can come to the track to learn just like they go to the pool to learn. Purpose built with no compromises. Cycle people pay fees to the Association.

Opus never repaired the Trafalgar track after damage occurred while working on the stadium. The track is OK for mountain bikes but too dangerous for racing. It would be a “waste of money to fix it”.

Rainey: is track cycling a niche? No, the local club has over 200 members, so there are many more. They won’t use the track in town. Most bikers use a track and the road.

Rob Ford – Cycling

We will pay 20% of the Velodrome cost, have formed a trust (with the support of both councils). 2M is the top figure. Will also need a road to service the area. There is 500K from each council for bike safety, currently out of Sport Tasman.

Physios can use the track for rehabilitation. TDC pay 37%. We can’t be more accurate until we are further down the track. New Plymouth just built one and increased numbers and are getting more families. Spectators don’t have to wait for the finish line, they can watch the whole race. Riders don’t have to commit to 30 kilometres, they can do short races. Everyone is a possible customer, everyone has a bike. Tasman and Hawkes Bay have the best weather in the country so they won’t loose many days.

Chris Mildon – Mountainbike club

Solitary sport but membership is up because of high quality tracks. (They get the land for free and tracks are maintained but don’t want to ask members for money!!)

If there was a turnstile to collect a fee, the riders would ride around it.

Justine Kennard – Velodrome

Put a velodrome at Trafalgar park or Saxton, need a community facility to promote cycling and confidence. Track is not just for Sportsmen to practice. The cyclists don’t want to fall behind. The Trafalgar track is “more than a little bit dangerous” It’s no good for kids over 13 – they want to go too fast. Want a banked track for national events. Trafalgar can’t be fixed. 5 years with no facility would kill the sport.

Malcolm Graham Stoke Rugby (Sport Tasman) Speaking for Stoke, Green Meadows, Stoke Tennis courts.

1.4M multi facility is needed. They are making a profit in Moutere so the model does work. Get it included back in the long term plan. Moutere was 629K from the public 2.8M from council, a successful template. The toilet in Stoke was opposed by locals if more club rooms were included.

Q: if we gave you land could the Rugby club build and lease it to others?

The building and facility should be council’s, the administration is something like Sport Tasman

Dave Tippet – Sport Tasman

We have 20 coaches and 200 volunteers. We teach teachers to teach sport. We deal with 5 councils. Nelson is the best with paths and cycleways. Saxton field needs to continue momentum. Green Meadows in Stoke needs upgrade.

Budget is $1 per person for better health. TDC pays 220K, even Buller & Kaikoura pay us. Nelson puts in less. Want 10K less in rent.

Sport NZ spends most of its money on the Olympics and high end sports people. Sportsville is all under 1 roof. The codes are the same and they share administration. Skateboarders need to be visible (part of the sport psyche) and near food (think of the whole picture – not just providing a venue) so the Skate parks need to be seen (like main road Stoke) and near a dairy.

John Cotton – Cruising Club

Need a public hard stand area. 2 boat yards are closed, need one for the public, people are going out of Nelson.

Tim Babbage – Rowing club

Bad access to rowing boats through Marina since the changes - dangerous. It’s more popular, but we’re out of space. Move all the “Flat Water Sports” to a new site, need all tide access. They were at Olivia’s Restaurant.

Lyn Baigent - Small Bore Rifle Club

For 55 years we have had a facility. We built it, it’s valued at 300K. It would be OK to move to Saxton, but it’s too far really, we teach the schools, it’s part of Olympic training. We’ve never had security and never had vandals.

Lynn Cadenhead –  Inst of Landscape Architects, Suter

The redevelopment plan doesn’t really address the building, need and the garden.

Elliot St – Trafalgar St. East Stadium: the Small Bore Rifle Club is not on the plan! I am flagging this early so you know I mentioned it.

Storm water need more education and consideration – lower properties get other people’s problems.

(With Rory) There needs to be an updated method of registration for the trees. Woodland gets less points than 1 tree. Concentrate on Council land, crown land, schools and Albion Square.

Allan Matheson – Hockey Assoc:

Both councils have given funding 900K, but not enough. Membership is growing. Players pay $290 a year $50 child

Merv Johns – Waihi Takaro  Golf Course funding

Shorter tees are more popular these days. If the course isn’t too long, it will speed up the game. Long course takes too long to play, hard to make par, and use the correct club. Property has the wrong sorts of trees but Nelmac won’t cut them down because they are healthy. But they have too many leaves and you can’t find your ball!

Want a trust and to develop a long term plan and eliminate NCC from funding. Last round NCC gave 100K plus 40K from club, they get 100K from green fees. Because it’s only 9 holes you have to play twice. It’s council owned and membership is dropping because of financial crisis. Can’t get young new members.

Allan Innes-Walker – lawn tennis club

It is not a club, it’s a community facility, the club just drives participation; People are going all the way to Hope because it has a better court; Thank you for the lights; We want 12 courts fully lit, need to resurface.

It is a leisure sport, not like rugby. For 80 year olds to kids. You have taken land for 4 extra courts at Trafalgar new plan. After resurfacing WE WANT A CLUB HOUSE!! You promised 218K for the 4 courts and took it away in the redesign, we get nothing now, and no one talked to us.

Craig Welsh – Transport, Nayland Pool

Pool needs an upgrade; Riverside needs earthquake proofing. Covering the 50 meter pool can attract international events. Rocks Road is used because the destination for the trucks is the port.

Brent Cheyne – Swimming Nelson

Remodel Riverside. Many schools have closed their pools and there is a water safety problem nation wide. The aging population swims for exercise year round. 4-8 pools are full. The summer season is 20 weeks. It’s becoming an expensive sport.

Can’t have international competition at Nayland pool because it doesn’t meet regulations. It is 1.2M deep and considered too dangerous, needs to be 1.6M. Swimming pools are a regional issue. A retractable roof in Brisbane can be opened in summer.

The 50M pool would be better broken into two 25M pools so more people can be using it – swimming at one end, water polo at the other; more people swimming lengths.

Gareth Cashin – Victory Community Center

Has a swimming pool, needs a changing room and toilet. Primary school pools in Auckland are free to under 16. It costs more in chemicals, but good for healthy people. We should have free learn to swim in all primary schools – 12 schools in Nelson, give them $1,000 each.




Adrian Parlane – Marina Berth Holders

Membership is growing, and yes it is more dangerous to flat water boats. Fresh water from storm water keeps algae growth down.

Graham Reynolds – Marina and boat builder

Losing work to Havelock and other places, need independent hard stand to put boats so people can work on them. Basin has to cater to super yachts but don’t have facilities. Dixon’s is the only way to put a boat in and out, need an independent slip way.

Troy Dando – Marina Launching ramp

Scallops and fishing dropping off. Area has 4,000 paying people using marina plus people who have license to use. With new Marina we have lost car parks. 72 cars have to go outside when the carpark is full. Individuals have no say! No one asked us!! 600 berths are 95% full, need another 200 but where to put them

No place to put another ramp – you need reclamation. Stacking boats won’t help because you still need time to get the boats in and out of the water and park your car.




John Hill – Air Shed/burners

You are impinging on our independent rights. The air needs to be a high standard, but log burners CAN be OK. Re look at it. Electricity has it’s own problems. IF THERE IS NO ELECTRICITY, THERE IS ONLY A LOG BURNER TO KEEP YOU WARM (GAS NEEDS A SPARK)

Bronwyn Tuck – log burners

The regulations in Nelson are tougher than the national guide lines. Pellets are man-made and burners need electricity to start. Pine is sustainable. Council should not prohibit burners, but assist in the invention of clean burning fires.

Stuart Walker – Solar PV

The stated objective was not achieved. NCC had a lack of industry knowledge. Ratepayers are subsidising Solar Saver people, then it was dropped with no warning. Out of 20 suppliers only 4 were “chosen” by council – the missed out companies were deemed as inferior. Only 219 were installed out of the estimated 1500! It was not as successful as the Mayor said in speeches and the papers.

PV is NOT new, the council should NOT be involved!! You did not even talk to the National body. Let private enterprise deal in marketing!!

Brendon – Current Generation – Solar PV

Photovoltaic: keep the existing non-compliant status, people won’t have to deal with the council. Technology is improving but we want NO PREFERRED INSTALLERS MENTIONED. Thermal was a failed project.

Michelle Ahnfeldt - Solar energy

Last solar scheme was biased to particular companies, we don’t want that. It’s already been trialled, we have information already. We don’t want you to promote one company as a preferred provider. People just need education; no need for subsidy. It is a 15K investment, a small subsidy is no good. We put more on existing houses than new homes. 4-5 companies in Nelson or you can buy on Trademe. You can install yourself. There is no storage, you feed into the grid, it’s a 30% savings on the electric bill.

Andy Booth – Solar City New Zealand Ltd

Nelson has done more than Auckland. A shame to end the scheme a year early. Make Solar technology standard on a new house. We pay 2/3 more for electricity than Australia




Nelson Youth Council

Want a Youth Plaza/Skate park in Stoke. Opera in the park is good – have it every year. Take over Suter/School of Music/Theatre Royal and support Trafalgar Centre.

Lighting on the Railway Reserve, it’s unsafe at night. Buses until 9pm. Buses are punctual which is good, but get a phone App with the time table so kids can access.

Tania O’Donnell – Nelson Tasman Connections – school leavers

There are 2,500 schools leavers in the area, they are being missed.

Luke Hinkley – Social well-being of Gay Teens – Q Youth

NCC is a very progressive council toward our issues. NCC has acknowledged our needs, usually the youth is left for bigger cities. Kids are still self-harming, suicidal tendencies right here in Nelson – the kids are hard to see, invisible, they have no voice. They need an authority to speak for them. Have no base since they left the Hub. Have 20-40 kids. Statistically gays are 10% of the population, in Nelson we have only contacted 2%. They need safe ways to integrate. Last year we got 30K, a “generous grant” that went to salaries.

Soloman Rahui – Youth at St. Barnabas

The church has given them a building for the teenagers to meet by the tennis courts.

Maree Shalders & Kia Maia Goldsmith – Youth Nelson (with kids from alternative education)

Pete Rainey is on their committee. Helping to get school leavers back in school. The kids say “it’s better than school”. 17 kids and a camp in Abel Tasman.




Alan Stanton - bus

You put the parking charges up to give the money to the bus... to take people to the Richmond Mall!!

Addo Mulders - Grey Power – Nbus

No help from Tasman, they should be encouraged to work together without amalgamation. Need parking for users at 3 Brothers Corner by Waimea Village. Owner is happy to help. Ads should let Gold card holders know it’s free – paid by Central Government. (Ian Barker pointed out that it still comes from “ratepayers”)

Comment: it will appear in the next ad in Live Nelson

Bronwyn Monopoli – Millennium Trust

Retain provision for an Arts Centre in down. Keep talking about it. It needs to be redeveloped by an independent group to redesign, analyse and do a costing. Council needs to get a site because there needs to be a place before the project. There are people who want this. Council can give 20K a year until we have a concept design. Need a site like the parking lot behind council building.

10 year time frame to generate excitement. Will need 40 million ½ from the council. Past damage has been done by old proposals being rejected.

Jane du Feu – Maori speech competition

Hosting in Nelson this year with 56 speakers at Trafalgar Centre. Will cost 160K to put it on, there is a short fall of 55K for expenses. “Uphold the mana of the city”. It will bring in 1,000 people from Monday-Friday, and they will probably stay longer. It’s the highest annual event on the Cultural calendar.

1 week worth $15K at Trafalgar. Wakatu Corporation not giving them any money, but paid for our team to travel last year.

Mark Preston-Thomas – Alcohol Accord

Our mission “to reduce alcohol related harm”; monitoring on Bridge St with better lighting and more ambassadors; needs upgrade with better signage, more cops, signs in taxis, more late night buses at 3am; needs street cleaning of the gum, CCTV is a must; no signs means no infringements – signs are easier for the cops; Nelson & Tasman need the same laws.

Maurice Alach – Green party

Motor vehicles will be redundant you need to build a rail service.

George Shaw – Events (filling the space left by WOW – Faces of Nelson)

Wants a building – a warehouse, to put the art work in. Will start with work from Australia and next entries from Europe! Show will be the “envy of the world” Last one cost $114,000K, NCC paid $85K for Faces of Nelson.

“NCC should pay $12 per person for art-work events”

Peter Lawless - Biodiversity Forum

Need new funding

Hudson Dodd – Brook Sanctuary

Appreciate partnership with council and fence construction. Good for regional tourism. Partnership with business. Have a master plan commissioned. Want a new bridge, cost of fence has gone from $3M to $4.3M.

Q – can you buy the fence and not install it right now? No, better to have all the funds in place.

We get 2,300 visitors a year, and 75 educational groups a year. Bio Bird monitoring is rising. Want $55K for education, $84K for bridge.

Q – that’s awfully high per person cost isn’t it?? No answer.

Q - Could you house a tuatara that needs a home? “We’ll talk about it”

Doug Craig – Friends of Nelson Haven

Formed in 1973, do coastal re-vegetation, clean up dumping along coast. Checking wastewater and monitoring outfalls. NCC is linked with Waimea Inlet Group.

Mrs Moncriff set up Able Tasman Park, we would like a memorial by the waterfront.

Susie Lees – GE Award

There is a bug killing potatoes, the plants look good above ground. To be safe grow early potatoes.

Farmers in Waimea can’t pay for irrigation and run a viable business – the rates are too high.

Suter redevelopment is not sympathetic with the garden. They don’t need a rebuild. Redevelopment has to be constrained. $6.9M is not enough for Suter, they need more like $15M. There is no cap on ratepayer input. Don’t change the footprint, retain trees. No new building, it will ruin the garden view – building will be too dominant. Garden should be priority over Suter. You need to keep a vegetation screen between the building and garden.

Brian Say – Blind

Street furniture is a problem and over-grown hedges. There will be more mobility scooters and bikes. Re-establish a committee with TDC so rules are the same.   Sidewalk signs in Richmond are on the curb, in Nelson they are next to the shops. They need to be standard.

Keith Preston - Tasman Housing Trust

1M from government. Built 32 houses, want to cooperate with council. In Nelson the housing is LEAST affordable in NZ, been that way since 2003

Kindra Douglas– Housing & community garden

Get a strategic plan for housing, community food growing. Food & People!

People who grow fresh food eat more of it!

Evey McAuliffe – Multicultural Council

Race unity day need 25K for the day. Added 3 new clubs this year (Karen, Korean and something else)

Gwen Bray – mixed misc

Plant the road reserve with edible landscapes. Stop borrowing, reduce debt, Live in your means. NO NEW LARGE PROJECTS! Earthquake strengthing a must, maintain what we’ve got.

Q but the consumers like these things? Doesn’t work. Do things in this order: Nature first, science of habitat, Land use, Commercial, Consumer last. Put money in organizations with volunteers, like Fairfield, you’ll get more bang for your buck.

Bishop Richard Ellena – visitors center for cathedral

Need a visitors center – we are getting more visitors with the demise of Chch cathedral. Lack of toilet. It is on council land and Road Reserve. It is also a historic site. Also have to talk to iwi, Historic Places trust is OK with idea. We want help with the Resource Consent. The excavation needs iwi support so the cost could be $100K. We have the money for the building.

Hans Andersen –Vet/ Dog control

There is good access to beach, rivers and hills. Dogs should be allowed in water conservation reserves except Brook Sanctuary. Early socialisation is best to keep kids safe. Have to have educated owners. Bites are worse from other children!. Keep the bag dispensers full. Some of license fee should be rebated back to lessons. Dogs can catch ground birds like weka, but the wekas can go way up the hill, there is plenty of room.

Elizabeth Dooley – Dog Owners

You need more consultation, talk to people early, consult all people and other councils. Before you change the use of the walkways to everyone. It needs a mix of education and signage. YOU NEED A COMMUNICATOR TO HEAR US!!

Spend the money on drains and infrastructure. Build a different Art Gallery rather than add to the Suter. Becoming involved has helped me become aware. You need focal groups before consultation. Dog walking might be the only activity for older people. We want shared areas (ie. by the river) not dog ghettos.

Hector’s Dolphin (about 20 people and I missed the presentation)

Late submissions from all over the world

Barbara Graves – Safe at the top - safety

Coalition of injury control. We get 5K a year from NCC and it gives us a higher priority and we can advertise that you signed an agreement.

Helen Richards – Misc

Public transportation, walkways good. New houses need planning for insulation and good heating systems, HRV is not good, the answer is dry wood, not electricity.

Linda Keene – Tourism

We would like to continue the same funding (which is tight). Tasman funding is under review along with review of i-site (which are all funded locally) There are 90 i-sites, some are private, some are council.

New sectors are opening up like the Hobbit, culinary and biking.

Q – who benefits from funding?

Q - Will operational losses get worse?

Nelson is a break even operation. Many people doing it on line, but that can still draw them in for details. 80% are from overseas.

People come into Nelson and then filter out.

David Penrose – Bank Lane

Owned by NCC, but the Canopy is private. It will cost 146K + GST to replace (13K for the consents). We would like NCC to pay half and commercial will pay half. It was on the Montgomery carpark upgrade but was axed. The stairs are separate and don’t need to be done.

(it will NOT actually go all the way to the bank building because they need access to air conditioners) See paper about them getting a rate discount.

Robin Smith – Citizens Advice Bureau

3000 inquiries a year. Our problem is visibility and accessibility. Other centres have higher numbers of walk-ins. We would like to operate from the library, we will loose our building in the new park plan.

Jackie McNae - YMCA

Victory area, would like a review of zoning. 60 staff

Barry Thompson – Mixed

Parking meters are run badly. I offered to help but have been ignored. I have two commercial properties, the rates in Nelson are 37,000 and in Richmond only 13,000.

Lee Valley Dam already has discrepancies. Richmond gets much water from wells. I’m ready to sell my Richmond land to houses because I can’t pay rates. The Southern Link – DO IT! It’s been on the plan for 40 years.

Your salaries come from NCC, you don’t have a clue to the problems of farmers and commercial businesses. I can’t subdivide in Tasman, I’ll have to go out of business. I sell 100K worth of apples, but I need water at the right time to make quality fruit. Berries are nearly gone. Graham Battersby was the biggest grower in the world. Fruit has gone to grapes and wine.

Brian Mills – Amalgamation

Be ready for the government to tell us we have to do it. Reduce cost and Debt. For me music is a high priority, Rutherford Park is high priority. Move “incubator scheme” forward. Find and help these fledgling businesses. Civic trust receives gifts. Natureland gifted plus it has volunteers. You need to ask for help – there are talented people out there. You need to cuddle your residents and ask for help.

Paul Heyward – Automobile association

You need an investigation priority list of designs and construction.   We do NOT want to reduce speed, we want to support the Southern Link.

Robert Harris – Motel Assoc – Water leak and bill

A motel owner only found a water leak after reading his water bill. The leak was on sand and didn’t show. It was repaired in 12 hours, but he was charged for the water – unlike a residential home or guest houses – who don’t have to pay the council for leaks that are fixed. He also could have known sooner if it hadn’t taken 3 weeks from the time the meter was read until he received the bill.

Rutherford Park – don’t think about building a second story to use as a Conference Hall, see if the Rutherford Hotel is successful first.

14-25% use of the cycle and walkways is wishful thinking.

Debt – I don’t borrow what I can’t repay

Fenton Russell – lift at Trafalgar Centre

With no lift the 2 rooms at the top are not being used, and can’t be used. It was part of the next stage. Trafalgar is ½ finished, do it!!

Amalgamate the management of the parks, with bookings done for Trafalgar Centre, School of Music, Theatre Royal, Founders Park, etc.

Mike Ingham, Kura Stafford, Kiatina te Talao – Wakatu Corporation (a 60 page submission)

Good relationship with Nelson council and TDC. Maori Ward needed more lead time. Treaty should underpin all actions. Plan needs to meet Treaty obligations. Maori impact statement. There is no Maori free-hold land in Nelson at present. The walkway at Auckland Point is on our land but we let the public use it – can NCC help with maintenance?

2 Councils need one plan for water and transportation that Maori can deal with.

Ainslie Riddoch Tahuna Business Association

Three old bi-laws have been dumped after considerable work had been done. NCC owns some of the property where the car sales yard is located, the land behind the pharmacy would be good for parking but needs to be fixed up. Planting around the shopping area needs to be coordinated to enhance it – like the baskets in town. Rope fencing could go on the right side of the road. BMX track needs parking. The walking tracks through the grassed area have been all mixed up and lost continuity.

Please do the pond, you keep saying “this year” but it never gets done. THE POND IS PART OF THE STORM WATER PLAN. It needs a water supply because it evaporates. 13M for cycle-ways; upgrade the path around the airport to a cycleway.

Kindra Douglas – Victory Community Housing

There is no standard for tenanted housing. Only a sink and stove in some. Most people can’t get long term leases, maximum rent is 2 years, it needs to be more so people are more stable. Some owners own lots of houses, it should be standardised and regulated.

Brian Brasell – Forest and Bird

Got 10K for trees at Paramata Flats, a real success story. Trim trees on the Maitai and keep cattle controlled. Boulder Bank – take over DoC reserve by the treatment plant. Need certainty about gates on the Boulder Bank from Council.

In favour of Solar PV. Have a better look at the air shed. Victory is bad but Atawhai is not. They shouldn’t be treated the same.

Tony Gray – NMIT

We do NOT want to become a University, but many courses flow through to degrees. We are a virtual university. We don’t want any money! We have 500 staff and contribute $70M to the GDP. We already have a shared portfolio of activities with the council and work well. We pick courses to blend with the community (horticulture, aquaculture, hospitality, tourism, viticulture. Things that lead to local employment.

Q. Reese: Do you have room for post graduate courses?   We work in cooperation with other universities. In the next few months also in cooperation with Cawthron Institute.

Q Reese: shared services? The devil is in the detail, it only works in principle. We share on-line help desk with Otago.

Q Barker: The Methodist building on Hardy – why would NCC want something in the middle of NMIT? I don’t know, we are having to vacate some buildings after the earthquake assessment.

Central Government is impacting on all Polytechnics.

Lizard Nada – People Friendly Numbers

People have a hard time with percentages, we’re not wired for it. Compounding the debt/rates can be tragic. You’re “only 7%” means it will DOUBLE in 10 years.

Chris Taplin – mixed

We need a new precinct for the Arts Centre, Town Hall exhibition, Trade Centre at Rutherford Park.

Mayor: it’s nice to finish on a positive note!






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