We’re concerned that councillors are not listening to us. We want to see Council spending focussed on BASIC NEEDS, not nice-to-haves such as a new library and precinct.

A few facts on Council's proposed spending:

5.9% or MORE

rates increase ADDED ON EVERY YEAR for the next 10 years:

so 5.9% + 5.9% + 5.9% and so on (and could be increased by council at any time)

Means a $291 MILLION DEBT after the 10 years

WE THINK this is outrageous. Council should be focused on core issues. With so many homeless, so many poor, so many struggling to pay rent or mortgages- many residents will struggle to pay anywhere near this kind of increase. And the increase is due to Councillors voting for ‘nice-to-have’ projects which many residents DO NOT WANT. Read the awful facts and details below!

So what’s causing this huge blowout?

or should we say WHO…?

1.  NCC Council building “refurbishment”: 



This is yet another ‘nice-to-have’- we don’t NEED this, nor do the councillors — not at this point in time. FOCUS ON THE BASICS!

2. Stormwater now over budget by



Yet another budget blowout. Does Council need to revise the    management system for overseeing costs of big ticket items like this?

3.  CLOAK sculpture

over $100,000


(moved to Greenmeadows AND now only half the size!) We think Council could be using our money much more judiciously.. was this a a waste, or do you think it was a wise spend?.

4. Bridge St/Hardy St REVAMP



this will be with 35% less parking; only 100 residents now, Council estimates 2000.  Much careful thinking, costing and planning needed before anything is spent on this.

5.  Saltwater swimming pool at Wakefield Quay



This is yet another ‘nice-to-have’- we don’t NEED this, nor do the councillors — not at this point in time. And what about parking? And access – do people FOCUS ON THE BASICS!

6.  Cawthron new laboratories and the Port: our “contribution”

now $5.5 MILLION


This would be paid for through debt funding at a cost of $150,000 in rates per year (over 40 years).The Cawthron is New Zealand’s largest independent science organisations, as well as one of Nelson’s valued few large-scale employers.  But WHY are ratepayers paying towards the move of a private company? Maybe Kono Seafood, or New Zealand King Salmon next..any other company that threatens to move out of Nelson?

7.  Science and Technology Precinct at Port Nelson, adjoining the proposed site of the Cawthron Institute laboratory

‘Project initiation funding’ (already approved by councillors for payment this year)



Released from confidential session, March 19 2021:
Council “agrees that the decision to allocate $1.5 million funding is of moderate significance… and as such there is no requirement to carry out consultation.”

YET AGAIN – no consultation. SO MUCH is done behind closed doors under Rachel Reese as mayor, despite election claims of “Full transparency”.

8.  Rates increases of 5.9% compounded for next 10 years so total of over 70%



Ratepayers simply cannot afford to pay these amounts. So many ratepayers are struggling financially already- do the Councillors not realise this??

What can we do?

Like to become a member? We’d love to see you- we’re a friendly bunch!

Of course you don’t HAVE to come to meetings, you can just support us financially:

$17 for one person, $25 for a couple


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