From Nelson CEO: “We’ll pay less”

Nelson CEO Pat Dougherty said publicly that the bottom line was that while Nelson was one of the councils best-placed to go on its own, if we didn’t join the new entity household water then prices were forecast to rise from $1050 per year to $2330 per year in 2050.

With the reforms, that price was expected to only go up to $1260 by 2050.

He addes, “The case for New Zealand is compelling, but it relies on everyone being in it. Others will benefit more, but we will still benefit from it.”

We question with these proposed finances!

The figures were based on analyses of the water system in Scotland (known as WICS) so analysts say their relevance to New Zealand is questionable.

And add to that, they’re based on 30-year forecasts. Most financial experts will assure you that you cannot reasonably or accurately predict prices for 30 years ahead!

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