Here’s what you told Council…

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How would you prefer to vote? For example, only councillors in your ward and the mayor, or…?

Do you feel connected to Nelson as a whole, or to a particular area or areas within it?


This is basically what your votes indicated:


 Almost 70%  felt that they related to Nelson as a whole rather than a particular area or areas .

This contrasts with only about a quarter of responders who said they related to a specific area or areas.

Councillors then had to decide whether to have just 2 wards, (the Maori ward and a general ward), or several wards. They finally opted for the latter. – see diagram below of how you’ll be voting in the next election.

*There was no option here to vote for having just the two wards (a Maori ward and the general or ‘at large’  ward).

These results tells us that based on the idea of several wards, slightly more than half said they would like option #2, to vote for the councillors in your ward, some councillors at large, and the mayor .

Just over 25%, or a quarter, said they wanted to vote just for councillors in your ward, and the mayor.

Just under 20%  said they wanted a different way altogether.

And here’s the system councillors finally decided we’ll all have:

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