How Council was advised on Three Waters

“It’s all the non-financial stuff that should drive the reason for change…”

Dan Bonifant, the managing director of Morrison Low Consultants, agrees that the WICS Scottish model for household water rates (which was used to base the Three waters system on) is not a reliable one to apply to New Zealand: “It’s 30-year modelling, so there’s inherent uncertainty.” Other analysts have also stated that the figures are not reliable and that the Three Waters plan is trying to apply Scotland’s situation to New Zealand when we are completely different.

His advice to Council on August 31, is to look at the wide range of potential benefits, risks and challenges, not just the finances; things such as:

  • the role of iwi;
  • our Council’s role (or lack of) within the new ‘Entity C’;
  • ensuring that we Nelsonians get the level of service that we need..

“My advice is, don’t just make it based on the financial information — there’s so much more to it than this. It’s all the non-financial stuff that should drive the reason for change.”



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