Nelson Residents Association


Association Constitution

1.0       REGISTERED NAME: 'Nelson Residents’ Association Incorporated'

2.0       OBJECTS:

2.1       To provide a forum for the expression of public concerns, and to support and work towards redressing of such concerns.
2.2       To inform the public accurately, to stimulate public awareness of community issues and to encourage public participation in civic matters.

2.3       To diligently research all issues put to this forum and to action these responsibly.

2.4       To proffer a point of contact for establishing communication for residents, Local Body departments, Government departments and other organisations.

2.5       To ensure that residents rights and issues and the needs of Nelson district, where administered by Nelson City Council, are made known to that body, and that the public and the area is appropriately served by them.

2.6       To uphold the invested trust of Nelson residents in that their elected Local Government shall administer community assets, resources, facilities and finances in the best interest of the community.

3.0       MEMBERSHIP:

3.1       Any person resident in the area administered by the Nelson City Council, or any person having an interest in such area is eligible for membership.

3.2       Incorporated societies, companies incorporated under the Companies Act and Charitable Trusts operating in the area administered by the Nelson City Council are eligible for membership. Such bodies will represent three (3) individual members and pay the relevant fee.

3.3       Any eligible person, incorporated society, company or Charitable Trust may become a member of this Association on payment of the annual subscription fee.

3.4       The annual membership fee shall be decided at each Annual General Meeting and shall be payable the year following January 1st.

3.5       Any member who has failed to renew his/her or its membership fee after one year shall be declared a lapsed member.

3.6       Any person wishing to resign from this association may do so in writing.

3.7       Notification of the Annual General Meeting will be given to members twenty-one days prior to the meeting.

3.8       Voting shall be decided by a show of hands or other indication of a majority.

3.9       The Annual General Meeting of this Association shall be held not later than May 31st in any year. Other meetings shall be called as appropriate. A Special Meeting may be called at any time by not less than six members, on a notice of motion to the Secretary.

3.10     The committee of this Association shall have not less than eight (8) members nor more than twelve (12) members.

3.11     These members should represent the given area. Any casual vacancies may be filled by a member appointed by the Committee.

3.12     The Officers of the Association shall comprise a President, , a Secretary and a Treasurer.. Any officer shall be eligible for re-election.

3.13     The President shall take the chair at all meetings. In the event of the absence of the President, the chair will be taken by one of the Vice Presidents and in the absence of both Vice Presidents then a member elected by those present shall take the chair for the duration of the meeting.

3.14     The President and Secretary shall prepare the agenda for each meeting.

3.15     The Secretary shall take the minutes of the meetings, conduct all correspondence at the instruction of the committee and keep all records of the Association except the financial records.

3.16     The President and another elected person appointed by the committee shall deal with publicity and public relations.

3.17     The Treasurer shall keep control of all finances of the Association and shall account for these at each Annual Meeting and give a financial report at each committee meeting. The financial year shall end March 31st.

4.0       BANK ACCOUNT:

The President, Treasurer and Secretary shall be trustees and shall be authorised signatories to the Association’s bank account, any two of whom shall be able to operate the account.

5.0       AUDITOR:

An auditor shall be appointed at each annual meeting.


Written nominations for the election of Officers and the Committee must be received by the Secretary one week prior to the annual meeting. Written nominations must carry the names of the nominator and seconder and shall be signed by the nominee.


Sub-committees may be appointed as the need arises through special assignments or essential projects in order to carry out the workload.

8.0       VISITORS:

Visitors or intending members may speak at any meeting of the Association, but only financial members have the right to vote.

9.0       QUORUM:

A quorum of ten (10) is required for Special or for Annual General Meetings. A quorum of five (5) is required for regular meetings.

10.0     COMMON SEAL:

10.1     The Common Seal shall remain in the custody of the Secretary or a responsible person. Use of the Seal can be authorised only on resolution of members at an Annual General Meeting, or Special Meeting called for that purpose.

10.2     This Seal shall be affixed to any deed or document requiring signatories under seal in the presence of TWO committee members and shall be countersigned by the Secretary.

10.3     Every use of the Seal shall be recorded in the Seal Register, and every entry shall be ratified by resolution of the next succeeding committee meeting, or by resolution of the association in an Annual General Meeting. The minute book shall contain the Seal Register.


11.1     Any proposed amendments to these rules must be presented to the Secretary one month prior to an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting in the form of a Notice of Motion.

11.2     These rules may be altered at an Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting by a majority vote of those present.

11.3     No addition to or alteration of the non-profit aims, the personal benefit clause or winding up clause shall be approved without the approval of Inland Revenue

11.4     The provision and effects of this clause shall not be removed from this document and shall be included and implied in any document replacing this document.


12.1     Subject to the provision of the Incorporated Societies Act 1908, members of the Association may, by ordinary resolution at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting, resolve to wind up the Association in the event of the necessity, and that the resolution be upheld by a majority vote of those present.

12.2     If upon winding up or dissolution of the Association there remains after the disbursement of all debts and liabilities any property whatsoever, this shall not be paid to or distributed among members of the Association, but shall be given or transferred to some organisation or body having objects similar to the objects of this association, or some charitable organisation or purpose within New Zealand.


13.1     No member of the Association (or any person associated with a member) shall participate in or materially influence any decision made by the Association regarding payment to (or on behalf of that member or associated person) of any income benefit or advantage whatsoever.

13.2     Such income paid shall be reasonable and relative to that which would be paid at any arm’s length transaction (being open market value). The provision and effect of this clause shall not be removed from the document and shall be included and implied in any document replacing this document.







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